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September – Sapphire

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  • RI: 1.762 – 1.77
  • Hardness: 9
  • Specific Gravity: 4.0
  • Species: Corundum
  • Optic Character: Doubly Refractive
  • Phenomena: Asterism, Color change, Chatoyancy (very rare)

Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Kumpuchea, Kenya, Tanzania, US, Madagascar, Cambodia, Kashmir

The color blue holds an endless fascination. From the high dome of the sky to the oceans that cover two-thirds of the globe’s surface, blue literally surrounds us. Seen from space, Earth is revealed as a shimmering blue planet. Therefore, it’s little wonder that the breathtaking blue of Sapphire has captured man’s imagination since the beginning of time. Ranging from a deep midnight blue to a brilliant cornflower blue, Sapphires have long been prized for their intense, velvety color.

Sapphire is actually the same mineral as ruby: they are both members of the corundum family and share the same physical characteristics and the same chemical composition. Even though most people consider Sapphire as the pre-eminent blue gemstone, the magnificently versatile Sapphire can be found in a rainbow of colors, spectacular yellows and oranges, vivid pinks and lavenders, and soothing greens. These diverse colors are referred to as “fancy” color Sapphires.

Beloved for centuries as the ultimate blue gemstone, the ancient Persian rulers believed the Earth rested on a giant blue sapphire whose reflection made the sky blue. The name for Sapphire comes from the Greek name for “blue”.

The birthstone for September, Sapphire symbolizes trust, sincerity and loyalty. Sapphire has also been worn as an engagement stone. Sapphire is the second hardest mineral after diamond, and it is a very suitable stone for daily wear. Blue and fancy Sapphires are very easy to incorporate as an everyday color for today’s woman. Find yours today at!






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