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June’s Birthstone – Pearl

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  • RI: 1.53 – 1.685
  • Hardness: 2.5 – 4
  • Specific Gravity: 2.72 – 2.78
  • Species: Pearl (Several varieties)
  • Optic Character: AGG
  • Phenomena: Orient
  • Japan, China, French Polynesia, Australia
  • Natural and Cultured

Pearls have been an object of desire from the first days of human society, and are treasured not only for their rare beauty, but as symbols of harmony, purity, and wisdom. June birthdays and third and thirtieth anniversaries are celebrated with the gift of Pearls.

Pearls were believed by the ancient Babylonians to have life-giving powers and the ability to restore youth. Old Arabian legend says that I was formed when dewdrops filled with moonlight fell into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters. American Indians found me in the mollusks of the Mississippi River and strung me onto necklaces, adorned their headdresses, and set me into copper ornaments. Down through the centuries, man’s desire for the perfection of Pearls has not waned. The exotic, lustrous skin of Pearls, smooth and silky to the hand and eye, embodies all that is feminine.

Pearls are truly a gift of the sea, and the only gemstone formed within a living creature. Pearls were so cherished by man, that as the sources of natural Pearls became exhausted, he learned to replicate the process created by Mother Nature through cultivation techniques.

No other jewel makes the transition as smoothly from day to evening as Pearls. Pearls come in many beautiful colors, from palest cream and white to rose, lilac, green, gold, gray, and the dramatic Tahitian black. Pearls come in many shapes and sizes, and can be acquired in both graduated and uniform strands. They can be purchased singly or in pairs for rings, pendants and earrings.

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At J.R. Jewelers, we pride ourselves in having a large selection of men’s jewelry. We carry diverse styles from rugged and modern to classic and elegant. With a vast assortment of affordable men’s jewelry items, you are sure to find something you like. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a statement piece of jewelry, look no further, we have got your bling!
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Be captured with the look of new metals ranging from Tungsten Carbide, Titanium or Cobalt!

Stainless Steel Enamel Screw CrossTitanium Wedding BandTitanium Bracelet with DiamondsSteel & Diamond Key Chain

Two-Tone Diamond Link BraceletTwo-tone Green Tourmaline CufflinksMen's Blue and White Diamond Ring

Gold still glitters and diamonds always shine!

14Kt White Status Link BraceletYellow Gold Onyx and Diamond RingYellow Gold Key RingDiamond Cufflinks

Shop www.jrjewelers.com for all your men’s jewelry needs today!

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May – Emerald

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  • RI: 1.577 – 1.583
  • Hardness: 7.5 – 8
  • Specific Gravity: 2.72
  • Species: Beryl
  • Optic Character: Doubly Refractive
  • Phenomena: Chatoyancy, Asterism (rare)


  • Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Zimbabwe

Lush. ᅡᆲ¬タᅠExotic. ᅡᆲ¬タᅠUntamed. This is no polite garden-variety green! Emerald pulses with life and vitality. In its depths beats the heart of the rain forests, its shadows alive with promise, expectation and even danger.

Emeralds are known as the gem of queens and the queen of gems. More valuable than even diamonds, fine-quality Emeralds of significant size are among the world¬タレᅢトᅢᄡs most bewitching jewels. Their incomparable dark green color is produced only under extremely rare conditions. Because these conditions also result in tiny cracks and cavities in the stone, inclusion are allowed in top quality Emeralds.

Believed by the ancients to empower the owner with foresight into the future, Emerald is regarded as an amulet for good fortune. Ancient history records Emerald mines near the Red Sea, “Cleopatra¬タレᅢトᅢᄡs Mines,” where the Pharaohs gathered gems between 3000 and 1500 B.C. The Incas and Aztecs of South America once worshiped Emerald as a holy stone. And Maharajas of India, who believed the gem brought luck and restored health, had multitudes of Emeralds in their treasure vaults.

Emeralds can come in different shades of green, from dark leaf green to pale sea green. The most important thing to look for when it comes to emeralds is their color. More vivid stones are more valuable.

At jrjewelers.com you will find a wide assortment of emerald jewelry sure to please! Or, we can custom make any jewelry item of your choice, using only the finest gem quality emeralds creating a one of a kind look! Shop on-line now, or contact us to start creating your custom made piece today!

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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

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Mother’s day is a wonderful day to commemorate one’s mother! As a special gesture, one can extend a token of appreciation in honor of a mother. Giving one’s mother a symbolic piece of jewelry truly is a memento that will last for years to come. As your mother gazes at the beautiful and unique jewelry gift she has received, she will be brought to a place of remembrance of how truly special she is!

Mother's Day jewelry gift Idea - Blue Baby Shoe PendantMother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Heart Key Ring with Heart TagMother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Diamond Mother & Child PendantMother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Diamond Baby Girl Pendant

At JRJewelers.com you will find an extensive selection of mother’s day jewelry in our Family Jewelry Collection. We carry everything from baby shoes, little girl/boy pendants, heart lockets, key chains, mother & child necklaces, and much more!

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Enamel Flower CharmMother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - Family Promises BraceletMother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - Heart Locket with Mother & ChildMother'd Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - Two-Tone Gold Little Girl Pendant

To all the Mother’s of the world, Happy Mother’s Day from J.R. Jewelers!!!

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April – Diamond

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PROPERTIESGold Diamond Ring
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠRI: 2.417
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠHardness: 10
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠSpecific Gravity: 3.52
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠSpecies: Diamond
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠOptic Character: Singly Refractive
ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠPhenomena: None

ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠBotswana, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Nambia, Zaire, Brazil, China, Canada, USDiamond Cocktail Rings

ᅡᆲ¬ネムᅡᆲ¬タᅠᅡᆲ¬タᅠ ᅡᆲ¬タᅠNone (natural)

The fire of passion. The perfection of hope. The brilliance of joy. All these are part of a couple’s love for each other – a love that finds its ideal expression in a diamond.

Diamond Leaf Design Bangle BraceletTwo-tone Diamond Door-Knocker EarringsDiamond Cocktail Ring14Kt Rose and White Gold Pendant

No other stone offers the clarity, brilliance, and breathtaking depth of a diamond. And for centuries, those who wore such stones were believed to share their virtues. Fabulous tales abound of luck, success, fearlessness and invincibility. Legends of seduction, intrigue, and irresistible attraction.

Diamond is the birthstone for April. A diamond is the most potent symbol of devotion as you begin a life together. And while a gift of diamonds is traditional on the 10th and 16th anniversaries, there’s never a better way to say that your love has only grown stronger, deeper, and more enduring with the passage of time.

14Kt Diamond Circle PendantDiamond Stiletto EarringsPave Diamond Bangle BraceletDiamond Hoops

Diamonds are also the most classic of all jewels. Their unmatched beauty and elegance make them ideal for marking life’s most important occasion, from the birth of a child to milestones like graduation or a major promotion. But then, why wait? The gift of a diamond can transform any occasion – or no occasion at all – into a moment sure to be treasured forever.



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Christian & Jewish Religious Jewelry

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Wearing religious jewelry is a great way to display one¬タレᅢトᅢᄡs faith. Special religious gifts of jewelry are always well received as they are generally given to a child on an important day such as a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Bat mitzvah, or Bar mitzvah. Religious jewelry has been an important display of mankind’s strong belief in a better life that’s everlasting in Heaven.

Diamond Dove PendantGold Two-Tone PendantIchthus (fish) PendantBlue Topaz Cross PendantStainless Steel and 14Kt Gold Necklace

The fish is most likely the earliest emblem of the Christian faith. Early Christians who were persecuted used the fish symbol as a way to secretly recognize each other. When two strangers would meet, one would draw an arc in the sand. If the other was a believer, he would draw an arc that met the first one to create the shape of a fish.
The cross is the most well-known symbol of the Christian faith, and represents the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a reminder of our own sins and our need for redemption. In the Catholic Church, Jesus is displayed on the cross known as a crucifix, reminding us of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. Other Christian denominations display an empty cross, reminding us of Jesus resurrection. Nevertheless, they all carry the same message- Christ carried our burden of sin to the grave, and rose again, so that we too may all have eternal life.
The Dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. A dove descended upon Jesus on the occasion of his baptism and is also the symbol of peace.

14Kt Two-Tone Gold Chai CharmWhite Gold Turquoise Filigree Chamseh PendantDiamond Jewish Star PendantSterling Silver Star of David PendantWhite & Yellow Gold Two-tone Star of David

Jewish jewelry is also very rich in symbolism and meaning. The Star of David, also known as the Shield of David in Hebrew, has been popular since the 17th century. The Jewish Star is usually displayed on the outside of synagogues to identify them as Jewish houses of worship.

The Menorah is a seven branched candelabra, which is considered one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith. It has been said that the menorah is a symbol of the nation of Israel and our mission to be “a light unto the nations.”

The Chai symbol commonly worn as jewelry is the Hebrew word Chai or life. The word “Chai” reflects Judaism¬タレᅢトᅢᄡs great focus on the importance of life.

Angel Wing Pendant MountingWhite Gold Cross RingStar of David-Cross Combination PendantHeart Shape Cross LocketJudeo Christian Ring


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Diamonds – So, what exactly are conflict diamonds?

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Spring 2012 Jewelry Color Trends

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With each new season, jewelry and apparel are displayed with predominant colors that define the season. Designers around the world work with a palette of colors that are very diverse. Pantone is a leader in color analysis that studies the runways for the upcoming season and creates a palette with the leading colors.
For Spring 2012, the color trends are said to be influenced by renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day. The colors for this season embody a variety of moods with a mixture of sunny bright, light-hearted pastels, and gentle neutrals.

The colors below are the Spring 2012 Pantone Color Palette!

Spring 2012 Pantone Color Palette

Top row, left to right:

  • Cabaret (an intense rose)
  • Driftwood (a blend of gray and beige)
  • Bellflower (an ornamental purple)
  • Cockatoo (a light hearted blue-green)
  • Tangerine Tango (a juicy orange).


Bottom row, left to right:

  • Margarita (a tangy yellow-green)
  • Sweet Lilac (a gentle pink-lilac)
  • Solar Power (a bold cheery yellow)
  • Starfish (a warm-weather neutral)
  • Sodalite Blue (a seaside classic blue).

Two of my personal favorites are Margarita and Sweet Lilac! Buy your own unique Palette of jewelry today at www.jrjewelers.com !

Margarita Jewelry

Peridot and Diamond RingPeridot and Diamond NecklacePeridot Dangle EarringsPeridot Bangle Bracelet

Sweet Lilac Jewelry

Kunzite and Diamond RingPink Tourmaline NecklacePink Sapphire and Diamond BraceletPink Opal Briolette Drop Earrings

Tangerine TangoThe Pantone Color of the Year 2012 is Tangerine Tango a warm reddish orange that’s reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset

Tangerine Tango Jewelry

Mexican Fire Opal EarringsMexican Fire Opal Starfish PendantPlatinum Orange Sapphire & Diamond RingMexican Fire Opal Pendant

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Sell Your Gold Jewelry

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sell your gold for moneyWith the price of gold on the rise, you may be considering selling your outdated or undesirable gold jewelry. Before you set out to  sell your gold jewelry, follow these simple guidelines. This way you can be assured that what you get back in cash is worth your parting with your jewelry!

It is important to think through your decision to sell your gold and not act on impulse. Carefully evaluate every piece of jewelry that you are looking to sell. Most pieces of gold jewelry have some emotional value. Make sure that emotional value does not out weigh the price that you will receive. Ideal pieces of jewelry to consider selling are broken items, earrings with a missing pair, or outdated items with no emotional meaning.

Many new gold-buying businesses are springing up in an attempt to try to cash in on the rising price of gold. Be sure that the company you are looking to sell your jewelry to is a well-established one. Inquire as to how many years they have been operating as a business and determine what their reputation is. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has any customer complaints having to do with buying or selling gold jewelry.ᅠBe sure the business has a license to buy gold jewelry in your state.

It is very important to understand that some gold items may be worth more when sold as they are, rather than for their weight. Jewelry that is made by a Designer may be of great value based on the brand. Also, antique jewelry can be extremely rare or unique and hold a high cash value. It is best to have antique or intricate jewelry appraised, in order to determine its cash value. If a gold buyer does not account for the piece being an antique or a Designer piece of jewelry, they may only weigh the piece and give you cash based on weight, which could be much less than its actual value. Be sure that you have each piece appraised for value apart from just weight before selling it.

sell your gold for cash

Be sure to keep up with the prices of gold as they fluctuate on a daily basis and vary from one karat weight to another. Most jewelry in the United States is 18 karat, 14 karat or 10 karat which is comprised of gold and other alloys. The karat weight tells how much gold is in the item. The Federal Trade Commission requires that all jewelry sold in the U.S. be stamped with the actual karat weight. Twenty-four karat gold has the highest percentage of gold and is worth the most with 99.9% gold content. Eighteen karat gold has 75% gold content, fourteen karat gold has 58.5% and ten karat gold has 41.7% gold content. The more gold content, the more you can expect to be paid for that particular piece of jewelry. It is important to keep your karats separate and make sure that each karat is weighed individually so that you are paid based on the designated value of each unique karat. Also, all gold should be acid tested by the buyer to verify the presence of gold in each piece, as well as the specific karat weight.

sell your gold estate jewelry

Gold buyers are required by law to follow certain established ruled and regulations when buying gold. These requirements are designed to protect consumers by helping police investigate the sale of stolen property and prevent money laundering. Local Law Enforcement agencies provide specific forms to Buyers and detailed instructions to follow. Buyers must ask sellers for identification and record the seller’s personal contact information. Buyers are required to take the seller’s thumbprint and give a detailed description of each item being sold. This information is then submitted to the Law Enforcement agency. All reputable gold buyers comply with these rules, so if you are not being asked to comply with these standards, it should be of concern to you.


Another requirement is that the buyer must have a scale permit issued by the State of Florida, division of weights and measures, to assure that the scale is providing accurate gold measures.

J.R. Jewelers is a well-established business, operating in the same location for over 20 years. We are a thriving establishment that is licensed in the State of Florida to buy gold jewelry. We are known in the community as having competitive prices and being ethical in the manner that we run our business, to include buying gold jewelry. J.R. Jewelers is a member of the Better Business Bureau, with no customer complaints to date. We will help you by appraising each piece of jewelry and determining its cash value and worth up front. We understand that some pieces of jewelry have high sentimental value. You can rest-assured that we will work with you to determine whether it is in your best interest to sell your jewelry. We are a trusted jeweler with whom you can feel confident will be fair and treat you right.

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February Birthstone – Amethyst

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  • RI: 1.544 – 1.553
  • Hardness: 7
  • Specific Gravity: 2.66
  • Species: Quartz
  • Optic Character: Double Refractive
  • Phenomena: None


  • Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, US


  • Heat, Irradiation – This treatment is permanent and does not need special care.

Purple passion! From refreshing lilac to ripe plum, the drama and excitement of purple are fully featured in Amethyst.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February, a purple, very popular and affordable gemstone that ranges in color from deep purple to pale lavender. It is abundant in every corner of the Earth. It is available in small and large sizes, although as with all gemstones, very large sizes in rich, deep colors have always been rare.

Its name comes from the Greek word amethystos, meaning ‘not intoxicated’. The Greeks believed that drinking wine from amethyst cups could protect against drunkenness. Lore says that when the maiden Amethyst was turned into crystal to protect her from Bacchus’s tiger, the Greek god of wine was so contrite that he wept tears of wine over her frozen form, giving amethyst quartz its purple color. Amethyst is also mentioned in the Bible and was believed to bring peace of mind to the wearer.

Perhaps because of its depth and richness, it has always been associated with intense emotion.

Amethyst Bamboo 3mm Bangle BraceletTrillion Amethyst Gemstone RingSterling Silver & Gold Amethyst LocketOval Amethyst and Diamond RingAmethyst White Gold Diamond Earrings