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Most common watch repairs

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Just like any other mechanical object, such as automobiles, airplanes, and boats, watches need care and repair to keep functioning. They are a luxury item that needs much of the same in order to function at its best or even to function at all! The most common types of Watch Repairs are the Battery Replacement, Overhaul and New Movement.

Battery Replacement

Changing Batteries is the most common watch repair there is, because the majority of common watches are quartz. When your watch stops working or the second hand starts acting erratically by¬†ticking every five seconds; then it’s time for a new battery.

Some batteries will last a year, while others can last for five or more. Each watch is different, and it has to do with the watch itself and how many functions it has. If your watch has a day, date, second hand, chronograph, stop watch or even music, it will use more of the battery life and will need to be replaced more often.

Do note that at times¬†batteries will leak¬†and corrode inside the watch and rust the movement and parts. This can get expensive to clean and repair. If you’re not going to be wearing your watch for a while, you may want to have the battery removed so it doesn’t cause harm.


All luxury watches, even quartz models, can need to be overhauled. Overhaul is really a simple and effective way to refurbish your watch, and get it running accurately, again. All watches should get an overhaul every 3-5 years.

An overhaul is basically like a tune-up on a car. The Watch Maker or Watch Repairman checks out all the parts in the movement (guts of the watch), and cleans them and re-lubricates them. Pieces and parts in a watch create friction and rub against each other as they move. They need grease or oil to help them glide properly. Lubricant dries up over time and needs to be replaced, otherwise your watch will not keep time properly or at least it won’t be very accurate. When an overhaul is performed, your watch will be disassembled and inspected for any damage. The timepiece will be cleaned, in order to remove any build-up, which may be getting in the way of the performance of the watch, and any damaged components will be replaced, at this time. Parts like mainsprings (barrels that rotate in the watch) and coils are common items that need to be replaced. Worn gaskets, or seals, should also be checked and replaced; this keeps your watch water proof or water resistant. If the watch is a water resistant model, its water resistance is tested.

Below is a guide to follow when determining if you need an overhaul.

1.    Overhaul your watch if it runs through batteries very fast.

2.   Overhaul if you have recently replaced the batteries and your watch is gaining or loosing time, unexpectedly.

3.   Overhaul when your watch stops and starts on its own.

Even if your watch is running well and you do not detect any problems, it’s a good idea to have it overhauled at least every 5 years just to keep the parts from wearing down.

New Movement

This repair is literally putting in a whole new working movement.¬†It’s like a new engine. Everything gets replaced inside the watch.

A New Movement is necessary when the price of fixing a movement gets more expensive than replacing it.

New movements can get very costly. Prices will vary depending on the size of the movement and the manufacturer. Every watch is different.

Mechanical watches have become rare, and repairing them is very specialized work, which should be entrusted to those who are well trained in this lost art.

At J.R. Jewelers, we work with highly trained and experienced certified watchmakers, who have many years of experience in the craft of repairing all brands of watches, such as:  Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantine, Piaget, Breitling, European Watch, Shaffhausen, Tiffany & Co., etc. We guarantee their work for a period of one year, if due to the same problem.

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