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Gold Jewelry Cleaning Guide

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At J.R. Jewelers we recommend cleaning your gold jewelry regularly so it maintains its beautiful luster. At least once a year we encourage our customers to bring their gold jewelry into the store so we can professionally clean their jewelry using an ultrasonic machine and polishing it if necessary. This is a complimentary service we offer our customers at J.R. Jewelers as a gesture of our gratitude for their patronage.

There are three variations of jewelry cleaning options which one can do at home between professional cleaning.

There are many different jewelry cleaning solutions one can purchase where you submerge the jewelry completely in a jewelry cleaning liquid for five minutes, then remove the jewelry and use a soft brush to apply friction to any dirt or buildup. This will increase the brilliance of gold and reduce the appearance of tiny scratches that occur over time. Dry the jewelry completely with a lint free cloth after cleaning.

Another jewelry cleaning option is to use a soft cleaning cloth together with a jewelry cleaning liquid. You apply the liquid to the cleaning cloth and then generously rub it onto the jewelry. Then you polish the gold in a gentle, circular motion, making sure to cover the entire surface of the gold. Next, using a dry lint free cloth, polish the newly cleaned gold, again using a circular motion. This will remove any excess cleaning fluid, and give your jewelry a deep, clear shine.

Lastly, you could fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of dish detergent to create a mild cleaning solution. Place your jewelry into the solution and let it sit for five minutes, then swish it around and let it sit another five minutes. Once you remove the jewelry from the solution, use a soft brush to clean the gold. Once again swish the jewelry into the soap solution and then rinse with cold water. Be sure to dry the jewelry well using a lint free cloth.

Gold is a soft metal so when cleaning your gold, keep in mind that anything too stiff will be abrasive and can causes scratches or leave your gold with a hazy finish. Once your jewelry is clean, make sure to store it properly. Your gold will require less cleaning and care if it’s stored properly. Since gold scratches so easily, it is best to store it separate from other jewelry and metals. Also, keep your jewelry in a cool dry place which will help preserve the gold brilliance for a longer period of time.


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