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Scott Kay Engagement Rings

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Superb style and divine distinction is found in the newest collection of designer jewelry at JR Jewelers with Scott Kay Engagement Rings. The amazing designs captured in Scott Kay Engagement Rings are popular and appealing to the masses. Scott Kay has made a name for himself with his contemporary stylish Scott Kay Engagement Rings. Once […]

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ArtCarved Diamond Engagement Rings

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ArtCarved diamond engagement rings have a modern flair, while maintaining feminine beauty. At JR Jewelers we carry an extensive selection of ArtCarved diamond engagement rings, including many halo-style engagement rings. ArtCarved diamond engagement rings with a halo-style design feature a glamorous look with diamonds surrounding the center diamond. Regardless of the center diamond shape, ArtCarved […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

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Beᅠinspired with our Holiday Gift Guide! We have selected unique and sentimental jewelry holiday gift guide ideas for this Magical Season. Whether it’s a gift for mom or dad, gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend, or gifts for your wife or husband, browse wonderful jewelry gift ideas they’re sure to cherish. Holiday Gift Guide Be […]

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Engagement Ring – Make Her Fall for You Again

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With the weather cooling down and the holidays approaching, getting engaged is on the minds of many couples. It truly is a special time of year where love and family and all things meaningful come together. So, this year, why not make Christmas or New Year’s an even more memorable experience and ask her to […]

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Gold Jewelry Cleaning Guide

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At J.R. Jewelers we recommend cleaning your gold jewelry regularly so it maintains its beautiful luster. At least once a year we encourage our customers to bring their gold jewelry into the store so we can professionally clean their jewelry using an ultrasonic machine and polishing it if necessary. This is a complimentary service we […]

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September – Sapphire

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PROPERTIES RI: 1.762 – 1.77 Hardness: 9 Specific Gravity: 4.0 Species: Corundum Optic Character: Doubly Refractive Phenomena: Asterism, Color change, Chatoyancy (very rare) MAJOR SOURCES Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Kumpuchea, Kenya, Tanzania, US, Madagascar, Cambodia, Kashmir The color blue holds an endless fascination. From the high dome of the sky to the oceans […]

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Children’s Jewelry

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With summer coming to a close and school almost back in session for our children, I thought it appropriately fitting to do a feature on Children’s Jewelry. Children deserve to be celebrated and what better way than by giving them jewelry. Jewelry is one of the few gifts you can give your child that will […]

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August Birthstone – Peridot

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PROPERTIES  RI: 1.654 – 1.69  Hardness: 6.5 – 7 Specific Gravity: 3.34 Species: Peridot Optic Character: Doubly Refractive Phenomena: None MAJOR SOURCES: China, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, US The green-apple crispness of Peridot is a perfect complement to today’s lively fashion colors. As the popularity of lime green continues to grow, […]

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Women have always loved getting jewelry gifts from men. But, men sometimes need a jewelry gift giving guide to help with this process. Because jewelry retains its value, that adds to the significance of the gift. Also, because jewelry is an investment, a jewelry gift is a physical symbol of the declaration of the love […]

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The birthstone of July, the ruby, has been prized for centuries as a symbol of love and immortality. The color of a ruby can be described as blood-red or fire-red. Color that burns along the veins, and gives brightness to the night. If you’re looking for the color of life itself look no further than […]